5 Ways to Watch Netflix for Free on the Latest Legal Android

5 Ways to Watch Netflix for Free on the Latest Legal Android

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Here we will explain about how to watch Netflix for free on Android which is legal and safe, let’s see the explanation below.

Netflix’s popularity cannot be separated from its easy access and the availability of various genres of films and series.

There are thousands of movies available on Netflix that you can choose and watch according to your taste. However, to be able to watch Netflix, you must first subscribe.

So for that, please refer to the following discussion further so that you can better understand how to watch Netflix for free on Android.

How To Watch Netflix For Free On Android Legal

In addition to subscribing, you can also watch Netflix for free, you can try watching Netflix for free if the subscription fee is too burdensome.

How To Watch Netflix For Free On Android

Efforts to watch for free can also be done for those of you who want to try before deciding to subscribe. Here are the ways

1. Watch On Netflix Site

Launching netflix.com, you can also watch movies without creating a Netflix account . You can do this on a computer or Android device.

  • Please open your browser.
  • then you visit netflix.com/watch-free.
  • After that you select the type or title of the film you want to watch.
  • you Click watch now.
  • And you can watch it for free.

2. Free Trial Netflix

Another way to watch Netflix for free is to use the Netflix free trial. It’s just that, you can only use this free way of watching for one month.

  • Please go to Netflix.com or you can also use the Netflix application.
  • then you immediately select Join Free For A Month.
  • Klik See The Plans.
  • Click Continue.
  • Enter your email and password to register for a Netflix account.
  • Then please fill in the payment method you want, namely by credit card.
  • Finally, you click Start Membership.

3. Use Gift Cards

Another way that you can try and you can use is to use a Gift Card. Even so, this method is not yet available in Indonesia and not many people use this method.

4. Sharing a Netflix Account

You can also watch Netflix for free on your laptop and cellphone by sharing your account with your friends.

Because Netflix users can share in one account from several devices at once. This means that you can also watch Netflix through a friend’s account that you have who already has a premium account.

5. Second Free Trial

You can watch Netflix for free on Android because Netflix will usually send you a follow-up email when you decide to stop the first free trial service.

Usually this email is accompanied by a second free trial code. However, not everyone can get an offer email like this.

If you do not accept it, it is recommended that you re-register in order to get this free feature.

However, when you re-register, you must use a different personal data from the previous one.

The final word

That was a brief explanation of how to watch Netflix for free on Android, hopefully this information can be useful for you. Thank you

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