Best Free Online Audio Editing Sites for All Devices

4 Best Free Online Audio Editing Sites for All Devices

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This time we will recommend some free online audio editing sites, Generally, editing audio files requires certain software.

However, if the modifications to be applied to a file are small, it is possible to do so quickly using online services without the need to install any programs.

On the other hand, most audio editing apps are paid. Again, if the changes are minor, program editor audio for Windows or MacOS is sufficient.

How can you edit audio without installing any program or application? Which free app is most recommended for this task?

Check out some online site reviews that can help you make free audio editing.

Best Sites for Free Online Audio Editing

In the following list, Pena recommends some of the best free online audio editors so you can apply modifications to files for free and without installing anything.

1. Apowersoft Editor

This simple audio editor site allows you to perform various tasks without using any other program than a browser.

To get started, you can open apowersoft editor site directly in the browser, then click Start Now and upload your file.

You can then trim, merge multiple audio tracks, and mix sounds. Among the supported formats are MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, and WAV.

If you’re feeling a little confused about its functionality, the audio editor site has also published several articles that will help you take your first steps in editing.

2. Bear Audio

This audio editing site will help you cut and remove sound, merge different files into one, overlay and fade audio, and mute the audio in your files.

Bear Audio has a free sound library, can record directly using a microphone or other input device, and can open files from URLs. Without a doubt, a very comprehensive option, very easy to use and free.

3. Online MP3 Cutter by 123Apps

The main purpose of  this is for cutting MP3. don’t be fooled by the name of this site.

Inj’s audio editor site supports more than 300 formats, including video files, and offers some interesting tools, such as extracting sound from videos.

And if you want to make ringtones on your iPhone, Online MP3 Cutter can export your creations to M4R.

4. Wave

Online Multitrack with the ability to record audio from the browser. This would be the simplest way to define Wave.

The interface is very simple although it doesn’t have too many additional functions, it is capable of combining various files and exporting mixes in WAV format.

The positive point of this service is that it has multiple keyboard shortcuts, perfect for editing your creations more conveniently.

5. TwistedWave

While it has apps for macOS and iPhone and iPad, this free editor can also be used from any browser.

When it comes to importing files, you have several options. Of course you can upload it from storage on your device.

However, if you use a cloud service like Google Drive or SoundCloud, you can also upload files quickly from those services.

Even though it’s free, this online audio editor has some limitations. For example, you can only edit audio for up to 5 minutes.

If you want to remove this limitation, you will have to pay for a subscription.

TwistedWave is the perfect choice for quick edits, although it’s not recommended if you need a lot of extra tools in it.


Although editing audio online through the site mentioned above can help you, editing audio through an application or audio editing software is much more reliable.

especially online audio editors are usually limited in terms of features and tools for editing, you can read the previous pen article about 6 audio editing apps for PC.

Those are some recommendations for free online audio editing sites that I can convey in this article, hopefully they can be useful.

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