Video Editing Tips and Tricks

5 Video Editing Tips and Tricks, Beginners Should Know

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for those of you who are still beginners in the field of videography, then it would be nice if you first mastered video editing tips and tricks.

In general, video editing is one of the activities that are currently being carried out a lot, not least by content creators.

In a video production, the editing process is one of the most important final processes after taking video in a live recording studio.

The accuracy, speed and editing style of an editor greatly affect the final results of the videos they make.

Where later the editing process will make your video more interesting.

That’s why this editing process is often the final process that takes a long time.

Well, for every content creator, of course, this video editing activity has become a daily activity.

However, it is not uncommon for many creators to have difficulty in the editing process they do.

for those of you who are still confused about the world of editing, then you must know 5 video editing tips and tricks.

but if you don’t have free time to edit videos, you can also choose to use a trusted video creation service with good results.

5 Important Video Editing Tips and Tricks to Know

The 5 video editing tips and tricks that are important for you to know are as follows:

1. Tidy Up Project Materials

When you are working on a project, usually the image data that has been collected will be moved just like that without any selection and classification of image categories first.

Well, to overcome this, you should first create a central folder when starting a project.

This folder can be used as the main source of data that will be used in the editing process.

Later you can save data based on categories ranging from videos, photos, free effects packaging and others.

So that it will make the video project you do more organized and save time in accessing data searches.

2. Use Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

The ability to edit quickly and flexibly is one of the main factors that an editor must know.

Sometimes you want the speed of editing to be hampered because of the distance of the shortcut keys in the editing software you are using.

Well, there are several editing software that have a custom keyboard shortcut feature where you can set the keyboard shortcut to your liking.

3. Shot Variasi Variations

In addition, taking a video must always be interesting in every image replacement.

Now for this method you can use several angels in an image scene.

And you can use various editing tricks that can make an image more interesting.

Starting from the zoom effect, unique transition effects and graphic effects added to the video.

4. Use Color Grading

Next you can adjust the color in the image. Adjusting the color will make a series of scenes feel cheerful, sad or tense.

For those of you who want to learn to adjust colors, you can practice from various films or videos.

Well, there are various color grading techniques that you can try starting from manual grading, numeracy, to presets that are already available.

5. Choose the Right Output Format

The last step in a video editing process is to make a series of editing into a file.

You need to know that every need has different output specifications. For that you can choose the right format according to your needs.

Well, for those of you who don’t want to be complicated in editing a video. Then you can use the services of making videos only.

The final word

Those are 5 video editing tips and tricks that are important to know, hopefully this explanation and information can be very useful for those of you who want to learn how to edit videos.

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