WhatsApp is Temporarily Blocked? this is what to do

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WhatsApp is Temporarily Blocked? this is what to do

WhatsApp is temporarily blocked which some may experience is one of those unwanted moments.

Before that happens, you should know how to deal with WhatsApp being temporarily blocked which is very uncomfortable.

There are several reasons why your WhatsApp account is temporarily blocked, usually because the Whatsapp application you are using is not an official apk from the Play store or App Store.

Maybe users who are blocked because they use WhatsApp GB or Whats Plus are like applications that are not official apk.

In addition to the reasons above, WhatsApp accounts can be temporarily blocked due to reports from other people for misuse of WA accounts.

Perform the steps below, to be able to temporarily unblock the WhatsApps application so that it can be accessed again.

How to Overcome WhatsApp is Temporarily Blocked

1. Waiting for Unblock

To unblock the first WhatsApp account, users usually have to wait a certain time.

The waiting time for this unblock varies, some have to wait 24 hours and some take up to 48 hours.

2. WhatsApp Chat Data Backup

To continue, do a data backup account on the unofficial WhatsApp application that was previously used.

The purpose of data backup here, users can copy chats in unofficial WhatsApp applications so that they can be restored when using the WA Playstore or App Store apk.

3. Download the Official WhatsApp Playstore or App Store Aplikasi

Reuse the official version of the application on the Playstore and App Store and install it as usual.

After successfully installing the official WhatsApp application on the users’ phones, login to enter the WA apk.

Next, do a Chat restore to restore all conversations and files that have been previously backed up.

4. Immediately Delete Unofficial WA APK

After the users’ WhatsApp accounts have returned to normal, immediately delete the unofficial WA applications that were previously used.

Use the official WhatsApp application to avoid blocking the users’ WA accounts.

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Can a WhatsApp account be opened without waiting 24 hours or before the time runs out?

Can’t. you have to wait until the blocking time is over or until the block is unblocked again.

Is it possible to open a temporarily blocked WhatsApp without changing the number?

Can. Above are the steps that must be done.

If you want to move it to another cellphone, then the method is like this: How to move a blocked WhatsApp to a new cellphone

Can our WA account be blocked again if we are still using unofficial WhatsApp?

Can. If you don’t immediately switch to the official WhatsApp application, your whatsapp account will be blocked many times and even permanently blocked.

Is WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp or other WhatsApp Mod safe to use?

There is no guarantee because the application is not an official application.

Does using a VPN cause WhatsApp to be blocked?

Not if you use it on the same device. Which can cause WhatsApp to be temporarily blocked if we log in on different devices with different IPs (VPN)

Can a blocked WhatsApp number be changed?

Can. But have to wait until the blocking time is over.


Temporary or permanent blocking of WhatsApp accounts still often occurs for users who do not comply with the provisions provided by WhatsApp.

so a little discussion regarding whatsApp is temporarily blocked, hopefully it can be helpful and useful.