RAM Expansion in the Smartphone, what is it and why is it Needed?

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RAM expansion

In what cases is it necessary to expand the RAM in the smartphone? Some manufacturers have added a special feature to their smartphones, expanding RAM via internal storage.

Let’s find out what are the features and benefits of expanding RAM in a phone, and how it works.

What is RAM expansion in Smartphone ?

Every smartphone has a limited amount of RAM. This type of memory is the fastest and stores the data of the currently running applications on the smartphone.

The more applications running, the more RAM is used. When RAM runs out, the phone unloads minimized apps from it.

The device may also start running slower or even freeze if it has very little memory.

The more RAM on the smartphone, the more productive the device: it can run demanding applications and games without brakes, process several programs at the same time, etc.

But the amount of RAM greatly affects the final cost of the device. Therefore, some budget and mid-range smartphone manufacturers have found a compromise and added the function of expanding RAM via internal storage to their devices. This RAM may also be referred to as “dynamic RAM” or “virtual memory”.

Its essence is as follows: the smartphone saves several gigabytes of its internal storage and uses it as RAM. The principle is the same as in the swap file on a computer.

There is a difference between internal RAM and dynamic memory. The read and write speed of dynamic memory is much slower than that of RAM.

The Amount of gigabytes of RAM that can be Expanded

The amount of gigabytes of RAM that can be expanded depends on the internal memory and RAM installed in the smartphone. The most common rules are:

  • If your phone has 64GB of internal memory and 4GB of RAM, you can add 1GB.
  • If the internal memory is 128 GB, and the RAM is 4 GB or 6 GB, you can add 2 GB.
  • If the internal memory is 128 GB, and the RAM is 8 GB (or more), you can add 3 GB.

However since RAM expansion is not a standard Android feature, but rather a manufacturer’s choice, these rules vary by brand.

For example, the OnePlus 9RT smartphone can be expanded up to 7GB, which gives 8+7GB in the base version, and 12+7GB in the upgraded version.

Why do I need to expand the RAM in the Smartphone?

Since the virtual RAM obtained from the internal memory has a much lower speed, it is not used to process demanding programs.

Its purpose is to take over the work of small applications, while the internal RAM will be used completely for games, demanding programs and other processes.

The memory expansion function enables the smartphone to meet the modern needs of users.

Phones with dynamic RAM will be able to multitask and run multiple programs simultaneously in minimized mode without closing them.

At the same time, the cost of smartphones with the RAM expansion function will not increase, as manufacturers will not incur additional costs.

RAM expansion can be enabled and disabled in the phone settings. To do this, you must have enough free space on the internal memory.

After enabling the extension, the device needs to be rebooted. Now this function is equipped with smartphones from many brands, including OnePlus, Xiaomi, Honor and several others.