How to View Old Google Maps on Android and iPhone Cellphones It’s Easy

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How to View Old Google Maps on Android and iPhone Cellphones It's Easy

On this occasion we will provide a little review article about how to view old google maps on cellphones.

Without us all knowing Time does go by so fast that you don’t even know that many roads and places have changed.

With the help of technology, nowadays you can reminisce by looking at the places and streets of last year on Google Map.

Sometimes you may miss the streets or places that were in the past. This Google Maps saves detailed maps from several years ago.

You can use Google Maps Street View to see how much your current neighborhood has changed.

Google Maps has been around for years. Data in the form of photos and street images have been stored on Google Maps from previous years until now.

So you can see photos of streets and places from previous years.

If you miss the road conditions in the past, then you can look to Google Maps to access the Street View feature.

You can set Street View to show the street in any year you want.

How to View Old Google Maps on Mobile

Well for those of you who want to know How to View Old Google Maps It’s very easy if you want to see Google Maps Street View from previous years.

Don’t worry because we are here to share the tutorial below:

  1. First you open the Chrome browser, then you can visit the Google Maps site at https://www.google. com/maps.
  2. If you are using a cellphone, then you can click the three-dot button, then check the Desktop Site menu.
  3. Repeat this step until the map appears in full screen and the + button and – button appear in the lower right corner on your cellphone.
  4. You click the Layers button, tap More, in Map details select Street View, then in the Map type section you just select Satellite.
  5. Now you just have to zoom in on the area or road you want to see, then you can click the 3D button.
  6. You click the + button until you can see the road area clearly, then you Press the button with the Clock icon which shows the latest information on the date when the street view was updated.
  7. To see street views from previous years, all you have to do is slide the slider to the years you want.
  8. Then you click on last year’s street view preview that appears to see last year’s street view in fullscreen.

If you miss the road conditions in the past which were very long for you to remember, therefore you can visit Google Maps to open the Street View feature using the method above.

Final words

That’s the explanation that we can convey about how to view old google maps on cellphones, hopefully it can be useful and help you.