How To Use Virtual Background in Zoom All Device

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How To Use Virtual Background in Zoom, All Device

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, teleconferencing platforms have been widely used for online face-to-face needs in schools and the world of work. One of them is the Zoom Meetings application.

In the Zoom application, there is a feature to replace the background image or background to make your video look neater when you are making a video call or video conference.

This feature can be used not only on laptops. But Android and iOS cellphone users can also take advantage of the background replacement feature on Zoom.

how to use virtual background in zoom android

how to use virtual background in zoom android

Well, for those of you who are interested in using the Zoom application on mobile smart devices, you can also easily replace the background or the background itself. Below we will show you how to change the Zoom background on Smartphone devices.

Previously, make sure you have updated the Zoom application to the latest version. Then make sure your smartphone has standard specifications, at least for Android 8 versions and above. Here’s the explanation:

  • First, please open the Zoom application with stable internet support.
  • Then please enter the menu by pressing the button whose image is Three Dots or More whose position is at the bottom right.
  • Continue by selecting the Virtual Background menu option.
  • Please you can directly select the image that has been prepared to change the background.
  • Furthermore, you can also replace the Zoom background with the image you want, whether it’s formal or otherwise.
  • After that continue by pressing the sign (+).

How, easy isn’t it? Those are the steps you can follow to change the Zoom background on Smartphone devices.

Apart from that, below, we will also convey a guide to changing the Zoom background on PC or Laptop devices.

how to use virtual background in zoom iOS/iPhone

how to use virtual background in zoom iOS/iPhone

Furthermore, for those of you who are curious to know how to change the Zoom background on an iOS or iPhone-based Smartphone, we present a tutorial on how to use it:

  • First, please download and install the Zoom application on the respective App Stores.
  • Next, please open it on your iPhone.
  • Log in with the Zoom Account that you created earlier.
  • Next, please access the Meeting Room menu on the application.
  • Then press the More menu option which is located at the bottom of the application.
  • If later there is a pop up then just press the Virtual Background button.
  • Later you will be faced with various background options or you can add your own choice by pressing the Add+ button.
  • If you have selected and specified the background, it will automatically be installed behind each user.
  • Then you just press the Close button at the bottom right of the screen to return to the meeting room.

It can be said that when you apply how to change the Zoom background on iOS it’s like changing it on a PC device, which both seem easy and can be done by anyone.

Also make sure that the background with the clothes you are using does not have the same color, because later only the neck and head will be visible.

However, if your position is in a studio room, café or other interesting place that looks good, you are not required to use the virtual background feature.

Then also if later you want to turn off the virtual feature, just follow the steps above and choose None.

How to Change Background Zoom on PC/Laptop Devices

How to Change Background Zoom on PC/Laptop Devices

In order for the video display to look attractive and elegant, especially the uniform, it certainly makes other people much more interested, right?

actually here it is very easy to be able to change the background of the video display, because anyone can certainly do it.

For those of you who are curious about How To Use Virtual Background in Zoom on a PC device, please see the following explanation:

  • The first step is to make sure you have downloaded and installed the Zoom application specifically for windows that is already available on the internet.
  • Then make sure you register by email or other first.
  • If you already have an account, please directly login with the account that you have registered, or you can directly link it with your google account.
  • On the main page, please open the Settings / Settings menu in the form of a gear icon.
  • Next proceed to open the Background and Filters menu.
  • Continue by selecting the Virtual Background option.
  • Here later you can make options related to the background that will be used.
  • If you want to use a background with your own selected image then click the (+) button.
  • Please select the photo you want to make the background of each PC.
  • Succeed! Good luck.
  • You can use the steps above to change the background 
  • from the Zoom application which does not have a green screen. Usually, methods like this are used to provide easy access to capture the background of the video.

The existence of an image from the green screen makes the background replacement process more practical, easy, and looks clean and natural.

But if you don’t take advantage of the green screen feature, you can also use the features that are already available in the Zoom application itself.

Tips for Choosing Images for Background Zoom

After you already know How To Use Virtual Background in Zoom, usually several questions often arise, such as why do you have to change the wallpaper in the Zoom application when you are in a meeting? Well, this is done because not all users have a special room for meetings.

You can just notice that there are still many users who hold virtual meetings while doing their daily activities, for example in the kitchen, in the field, or even in the dining room.

That’s why things like this can now be easily handled by changing the background to make it look interesting, formal, and so on.

That way, you will definitely avoid inappropriate pictures, so that if you know how, certain meeting events can give a good impression like looking professional. Things like this can also be said as preparation when entering the meeting.

For more details, here we want to provide an explanation regarding how to choose the Zoom background correctly, as the points below:

1. Pay attention to the selected image

First, please select the image that will be used to change the Zoom background if you don’t have a specific meeting room.

There are lots of interesting icons that you can use and search on Google, whether it’s like pictures with natural nuances, offices, formal pictures of meetings, and much more. The point is you have to be able to adapt to the concept of the meeting content itself.

That way, you won’t be embarrassed later, because there are many incidents where Zoom application users can’t adjust their image choices, so the impact is embarrassing themselves.

2. Customize the Meeting Theme

Next, please adjust it to the theme of the meeting that you will attend, for example, the theme of the meeting is about evaluating work in the office.

So ideally you use a background that is in harmony with the content of the theme, such as office images, meeting rooms that are widely available on the internet, and others. This will give a natural, attractive, and flexible impression.

Also know that by changing the background appearance of the Zoom application, you are melting and brightening the atmosphere itself. For example, using wallpapers or funny memes that can be used as a joke, so that it looks fun.

Here what you have to remember is to avoid background choices that can be distracting, such as a background that is too crowded, too bright, etc.

Make sure to choose an image that fits the context of the meeting itself, because the purpose of this background replacement is to minimize distractions.

How to Fix Inverted Image and How to Change Background Zoom

For those of you who often experience reverse video image interference, here we will provide the best solution. Please follow these steps:

  • Please open the Zoom application and go to the new meeting room.
  • Then select the up arrow which is next to the video symbol itself.
  • Continue by opening Settings / Settings.
  • Just select the Mirror My Video menu option.


That’s an explanation of How To Use Virtual Background in Zoom on all devices that you can immediately do, so that later when you attend formal events and other events you can give an interesting impression and can adjust to the theme of the meeting.