How to Solve WhatsApp Temporarily Unavailable

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How to Solve WhatsApp Temporarily Unavailable

in this post I will explain How to Solve WhatsApp Temporarily Unavailable, WhatsApp is a chat application that is arguably the most widely used by people.

So when WhatsApp crashes all users find out the WhatsApp solution is temporarily unavailable.

The reason is that WhatsApp is not only used as a communication medium, but is also used to send assignments and various other important activities. So when WhatsApp is having problems, it can’t open for a while, it’s very annoying.

This time we will review the various solutions after being attached to each cause. Proper handling can be done when the root of the problem is known.

What Causes WhatsApp Messages To Be Temporarily Unavailable?

Actually, the main problem WhatsApp can’t open for a while can come from the application itself or from the Internet connection. Every known cause can be solved with a definite solution.

If the internet connection is problematic then you have to make repairs on it. However, if the problem from your cellphone is the cause, then you can make various settings as a solution, WhatsApp cannot be opened.

In detail, to overcome WhatsApp which is temporarily difficult to open, it can be overcome by several things, as will be discussed today.

How to Solve WhatsApp Temporarily Unavailable

How to Solve WhatsApp Temporarily Unavailable

When a notification appears that WhatsApp is not available, not only is the activity of sending photos and videos paralyzed, but the chat cannot be carried out either. Of all the problems, it can be said that this error is the most annoying.

Experiencing other disturbances is not better, but at least there is still activity from WhatsApp that can be used. For example, the problem is not being able to send photos but can send chats. Of course at least it’s not so bad.

It’s a different story when the WhatsApp application is temporarily inaccessible. Never mind sending photos, hoping to chat is impossible.

In order to find a solution WhatsApp is temporarily unavailable, you can check a few things below:

Check Is WhatsApp Having Crashes?

The disturbances that occur on WhatsApp as a whole usually coincide with the disturbances that befall Instagram and Facebook. Incidents like this are suspected to be from one ownership of the social media.

To make sure that WhatsApp is down, you can check various news stories that are rapidly spreading on the internet.

The method :

  • Open your favorite browser from HP.
  • Type the keyword “WhatsApp annoyance” in the browser.
  • Enter search.
  • Check all news channels.
  • If the search results contain various news randomly, you can filter the news findings. Try changing the settings to get the latest news in these ways:
    • Select “Tools”.
    • Set search results to last 24 hours update.

If WhatsApp search results are found to be experiencing problems, then all you can do is wait. The WhatsApp solution is not available for a while this one is quite simple, but you have to be patient because you can’t set the repair time.

Check Your Internet Connection

Problems with internet connection are often the main root that Whatsapp users sometimes don’t realize. To check whether your internet is stable or not then try doing the following:

  • Open your favorite browser on your cellphone.
  • Go to one of the website addresses that you know.
  • Wait for the page to load.
  • If the page doesn’t load, there may be a network error.
  • Done.

The solution to overcome a disturbed internet connection is to move places if the signal does not support. Then if you use wi-fi and there are frequent interruptions, maybe you should change routers.

If you are using a data quota, please give it back whether the card you are using does have a good network at your location. It is possible when you change cards the internet connection becomes smooth and WhatsApp can be reopened.

Clear Cache WhatsApp

Clear cache being one of the solutions WhatsApp is not available for a while which is accurate. If the error that occurs is caused by a bug from WhatsApp, it is enough to delete it so that the error is resolved.

Although it is often done and has become the most common solution, we will still remind you the steps. The method :

  1. Open “Settings” from the smartphone.
  2. Select the “Applications” setting.
  3. Find and select “WhatsApp”.
  4. Select “Storage”.
  5. Select “Clear Cache”.
  6. Wait for the clear cache process.
  7. Done.

After the solution above is applied you can directly try the WhatsApp application again by pressing the chat application icon. After that check if WhatsApp is still not available or is it available and accessible as usual.

WhatsApp updates

Maybe one of the problems why WhatsApp refuses to open is because the version of the application on your cellphone is outdated. WhatsApp and various other applications on the Play Store always require regular updates.

The steps for updating are:

  1. Open the Play Store app.
  2. Find and select the “WhatsApp” application.
  3. Check if there is the latest update.
  4. If there is, press the “Update” button.
  5. Wait for the update process.
  6. Done.

If you don’t want to be complicated, you can set automatic updates on WhatsApp when needed. This avoids the possibility of WhatsApp not being able to open temporarily.

You don’t need to apply the various steps above if the Play Store automatically updates. Please note that this update has a function so that your WhatsApp application runs the latest features provided by the center.

Make sure the date is correct

If the date setting on your cellphone has not been set, don’t ignore it. This small thing has an impact on WhatsApp problems. You have to make sure the phone has an accurate date setting to minimize interference.

The date setting on the cellphone can actually be set automatically based on a certain time zone. However, if there are problems where the date setting is not correct, then you can apply the following temporarily unavailable WhatsApp solution:

  1. Open the “Settings” menu on the smartphone.
  2. Select the “Date and Time” setting.
  3. Change the time zone setting to automatic.
  4. Done.


The above step is setting the time automatically. Meanwhile, if you have to set it manually then input based on a trusted source. You can make another phone to enter days to seconds.

WhatsApp is a chat application that is most widely used by various groups. So when WhatsApp cannot be opened temporarily, even in a short period of time it is certainly very disturbing for various activities.

For this reason, the above discussed in as much detail as possible various WhatsApp solutions are temporarily unavailable.

I hope this tutorial on How to Solve WhatsApp Temporarily Unavailable can be helpful and useful.