How to Lock Facebook Profile on Android to keep it Safe

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How to Lock Facebook Profile

The profile lock feature on Facebook is generally only available in certain countries. Users who use this feature will generally have a keyhole symbol embedded in their profile.

This means that someone has locked their profile and is showing restricted profile content with certain people.

However, if the user doesn’t find the Facebook profile lock feature, you can still lock the Facebook profile in other ways.

Users can control the privacy of your account through “Privacy Settings” in full, here’s how to lock a Facebook profile.

How to lock Facebook profile

  • Open your Facebook account via app or browser
  • Select the three vertical lines in the top right corner
  • Select the “Settings & Privacy” menu
  • Click “Settings
  • Select “Privacy Check
  • Select the “Who can see what you share” menu
  • Here you can set visibility of profile information, limit future, old posts, or Facebook Stories, and add a user’s block list
  • When you have finished setting the privacy you want, the user can return to the main menu

In the privacy settings menu, you can control the privacy regarding posts, photos, and other information to a limited extent.

In addition, users can also control who can search for their profiles using e-mail or cell phone numbers. That’s how to lock a Facebook profile. Good luck.

that’s how to lock a Facebook profile that you can do with the easiest method on your android phone.