How To Delete a Contact From Telegram Android iPhone or computer in 2022

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How To Delete a Contact From Telegram

how to delete a contact from telegram – Telegram is an application used to send chat messages.  Users can chat if they have saved the contact number, after that Telegram will automatically add the number as a friend.

The Telegram application is synchronized with the cellphone which makes adding friends’ contacts automatically.  This of course makes the number of contacts accumulate and have contact with people who are not too close.

If you want to keep Telegram contacts only for those closest to you, here’s how to delete Telegram contacts on Android, iOS, and PC.

How To Delete a Contact From Telegram on HP Android and iPhone

Phone contacts on HP will usually be connected to telegram contacts.  You can delete certain contacts on telegram permanently easily.

Here’s how to delete contacts on Telegram via cellphone:

  •  First, open the Telegram application on your smartphone.
  •  Tap the three slash icon in the top left corner.
  •  Then go to the Contacts menu.
  •  Tap on the contact you want to delete.
  •  You will be directed to the chat or chat area.
  •  You have to tap on the profile photo at the top.
  •  Tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.
  •  Select the Delete contact option.
  •  Finally select the Delete option to confirm.

After that, your contacts or friends on Telegram have been successfully deleted.  Very easy isn’t it?

How To Delete a Contact From Telegram on PC or Laptop

The next way to delete a friend’s contact on telegram is via web telegram on a PC or laptop.  The way to do this is not much different from the application on the cellphone.

Follow how to delete contacts via web telegram on the following PC:

  •  Open telegram web via your laptop browser.
  •  Then click the menu and select the Contact option.
  •  Then select the contact you want to delete.
  •  Then the chat message or chat will open.
  •  Click the name of the contact.
  •  Then click More… and then click Delete contact.

Now the contact has been successfully lost because you have deleted it.  You can do this for all the contacts you want to delete.

Actually there is another way to delete Telegram contacts, namely through the desktop application.  Because the appearance of the desktop application is exactly the same as the application on the cellphone, then you can find out through the method for the HP application above.

How To Delete a Contact From Telegram Delete on Contact

In addition to deleting contacts in the telegram application, you can also do this by deleting contacts directly.  However, this method will delete the existing contacts on your device.

How to delete a telegram contact from contacts:

  • First go to the contacts app on your device.
  • Then find the contact you want to delete.
  • If you have found it, press the contact.
  • Press the three dots to open the contacts menu.
  • The last step, select the Delete option.
  • Finished.

Note: In addition to deleting contacts in telegram, this method will delete the contact entirely.  So, this method may delete WhatsApp contacts and others. 

that’s a little tutorial information about How To Delete a Contact From Telegram Android iPhone or computer, hopefully it can be helpful and useful.